Point Bank Incentive Program

Incentive program we will administer ??? making your program easier!

Type of Program

Completely online program, requires a one-time website design fee. We will maintain your website including providing edits at no extra cost.

How Does It Work?

From the opening screen to the check-out process, your Point Bank Program will be easy to understand and an effective tool to achieve the results you envision.

Every point bank program site comes standard with the following six features.

  • Customized Site Design – We will customize your program website to fit your needs and convey the look, feel and culture of your organization.
  • Program Dashboard – A program dashboard provides a program welcome and an overview snapshot of each program feature you include in your incentive program.
  • Personalized Accounts – Each employee will have their own username and password based account. Personalized rewards program details can be reviewed and updated at any time.
  • Award Catalog – Program participants may browse the awards catalog 24/7 to spend their points or browse for items they???d like to earn. Our online gift catalog is updated daily to ensure the selection of the most up to date gifts as possible. Includes online checkout for instant order placement.
  • Goals and Activities List -??Share the targeted activities, accomplishments and goals plus how many points will be awarded upon the completion of each goal. Employees will see only relevant program details.


Use our point system or your own.

Category Point Value Price Level
1 5,000 $25
2 7,000 $35
3 10,000 $50
4 15,000 $75
5 10,000 $100
6 30,000 $150
7 50,000 $250
8 70,000 $350
9 100,000 $500
10 150,000 $750
11 200,000 $1,000
12 300,000 $1,500
13 400,000 $2,000
14 600,000 $3,000
15 800,000 $4,000

Do We Sign A Contract?

No contract or maintenance fees! Begin or end your program at any time.

Returns & Exchanges

We offer exchange or replacement within 30 days of delivery. Thereafter, manufacturer warranties apply.

How Do We Purchase?

Contact our office at 1-800-734-5153 so we may assist you to develop your program. No shipping charges within the 48 contiguous states (Alaska and Hawaii extra). Nominal handling fee.

We Make it Easy!