How to Select the Right Corporate Gift and Award

Gift Giving in the corporate world can be a challenging task. Smart Gift Plans makes selecting the right gift easy!??We are in business to assist you in??showing vendors, employees and others involved in the success of your business that their efforts are appreciated. You???ll never have to worry about ???buying the wrong gift??? again.

Choosing a corporate gift always brings the risk that the recipient misunderstands your intent or is not pleased with your selection. For example, presenting a watch is considered a classy gift, but the recipient may mistakenly believe you are attempting to convey the unspoken message that they are expected to be more ???timely??? at work. Or the gift recipient may not even be fond of wearing a watch considering today???s technological world. Our Smart Gift Plans all but eliminate sending an unintended message or unwanted gift — our gift programs and award programs allows each recipient to choose their own gift!

No doubt each of your gift recipients has specific hobbies and interests, so gifts intended to reward, motivate, and inspire should reflect a wide range of interests and ages. Smart Gift Plans has assembled an impressive gift selection of brand name merchandise (Black & Decker, Trek, Nikon, Magnavox, Geneva, Philips, etc.) offered in 15 price categories from $25 to $4,000. Be Smart and rely on our programs for the perfect solution for your gift and award recognition needs whether for a one-time event or an on-going incentive program.

We encourage you to consider options (many are free of charge) that are sure to further enhance your program. Taking advantage of personalization builds excitement for each recipient, thus improving team and corporate morale. For instance, our Employee Service Anniversary Programs include options ranging from a stock catalog package to deluxe package to a presentation package. We can include custom imprinted booklet covers, an inside cover letter, customized order form, and even a personalized Appreciation Certificate. We can even personalize the outside cover of the presentation envelope with each recipient???s name and years of service. We also offer FREE greeting cards that can be custom printed including a corporate logo or leave the interior blank for a personal handwritten message.

 ??Gift redemption can be completed by mail or on-line via our generic website. Ask for details how we can design a FREE website for you.

Be-Smart-400Call 800-734-5153 so one of our professional staff members can assist you every step of the way. Choose the Smart Gift Plan that best matches your budget and objectives for your next corporate gift and award occasion.



Taking advantage of personalization builds excitement for each recipient, thus improving team and corporate morale.

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