Reward your Customers for Being Loyal Supporters

Long standing customers are the heart of every business.

Just one small first order may result in thousands of orders in the future. Thus your advertising campaign dollars should wisely include the simple act of rewarding your loyal customers with a tangible gift that represents your corporate appreciation.??The principle of rewarding loyal customers is a basic marketing concept: repeat customers will result in the growth of your bottom line. The more times you can remind your customers of the benefits of what your company has to offer, the higher the return through referrals.

 ??Smart Gift Plans specializes in programs to thank your customers without breaking the bank. Or your budget. ??Our wide variety of gift programs can be tailored to meet the needs of your business with options (many are free) that add high perceived value to your customer. You may pre-select a gift from one of our 15 price categories ranging from $25 to $4,000. Or even more popular, we will provide a gift certificate and gift booklet to allow the selection of a gift they choose. We offer both hard copy gift certificate redemption or online gift selection from name brands you already trust including Black & Decker, Trek, Nikon, Magnavox, Geneva, Philips, etc.

We also offer point based programs which are perfect for Customer Loyalty Programs. Your customers can earn points which in turn they can opt to accumulate toward gifts of higher value. Our most popular point based program is our Instant Point Certificate Program which is a “Billed Upon Redemption” program. Paper certificates purchased at a nominal fee are provided which you distribute to your customers. Subsequent invoicing occurs when your customers redeem their points for merchandise.?? We also offer exclusively on-line point programs.

  We do not require a minimum order for just the reason stated above.??Our business has grown by leaps and bounds by accepting any size of first order, recognizing that our satisfied customers become repeat customers from their first order to years in the future. More good news! There are no contracts to sign because we know the value of allowing your business flexibility.


Customers who are appreciated are akin to walking billboards who will speak favorably business to business about YOUR business.

Be-Smart-400Call 800-734-5153 today! Smart Gift Plans will assist you every step of the way to develop a Customer Loyalty Program that will continue to increase your client base.



Our programs are the perfect solution for your gift and award recognition needs whether for a one-time event or an on-going incentive program.

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