Employee Recognition is the Key to Retention

Recognizing employees for their dedication and work related achievements is a crucial factor in maintaining valuable staff plus motivating each employee to achieve their highest potential. ??Studies indicate that all levels of hierarchy within your business should be acknowledged. After all, each position plays a role in the overall performance of your company???s success.

  Smart Gift Plans recognizes the value for businesses to retain high-quality, top-producing employees. That???s why we???ve developed programs which reward employees with a tangible item ??? the gift communicates their value to your business. By acknowledging their contribution to the company???s goals for a job well done, it effectively becomes the spark to motivate. It increases the passion to excel, to produce results that inspire. Rewarding employees and customers builds pride and loyalty??? it???s quite simply??? SMART!


The knowledgeable gift and award experts at Smart Gift Plans make it easy to develop an employee recognition program to spotlight and reward your outstanding employees. It???s your choice: you may pre-select a gift for each recipient, or your recipients can choose their own gift. We make it fun! We offer gift certificates paired with gift catalogs brim filled with items from our price categories ranging from $25 to $4,000. What better way to reward their efforts of hard work than with a ???shopping spree???! ??Our programs offer over 800 name brands (Black & Decker, Trek, Nikon, Magnavox, Geneva, Philips, etc.) with gifts appropriate for each and every member of your staff regardless of age or lifestyle. Our Smart Gift Plans are ideal in recognizing outstanding achievement, milestone service anniversaries, holiday gifts and much more.

We encourage you to consider options (many are free of charge) that are sure to further enhance your program. We can custom imprint the gift booklet covers, include an inside cover letter, and personalize the outside cover of the presentation envelope with each recipient???s name and years of service. We also offer FREE greeting cards that can be custom printed including a corporate logo or leave the interior blank for a personal handwritten message.

Smart Gift Plans makes your corporate gift giving hassle-free and professional!

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By acknowledging their contribution to the company???s goals for a job well done, it effectively becomes the spark to motivate.

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