Employee incentive programs are rapidly gaining in popularity for their abilities to encourage positive behaviors in the workplace, reduce negative ones and boost bottom lines overall. Employers who opt for employee incentive programs quickly discover that not only are they capable of encouraging desired behaviors, but they can also become fun.
Discover more about what employee incentives in the workplace can offer your organization by considering these four important benefits:

Reinforce Good Behavior
Rewards can help encourage certain behaviors through a phenomenon psychology calls ???reinforcement.??? This principle is the same one that tells dog owners to give their pets a treat when the dog does something good. Because the dog can connect that behavior with a reward at the end, they have a strong desire to repeat the behavior any time they want another treat.
Comparing intelligent, adult humans to pets may be a condescending analogy, so consider instead the consequences of not reinforcing good behavior. Employees that perform a positive action ??? such as adeptly handling a customer issue or lending their time to an important project ??? may become resentful if their actions are not recognized in ways that translate to real value. Often, it has less to do with an employee needing a ???treat??? to do an action, and more so that they naturally feel compelled to do the right action only to later get the impression that their employer somehow does not care. Resentment builds, and the employee may stop going out of their way simply to spite their neglectful employer.
Employee incentive programs can quickly clear up this common occurrence, leading to more people feeling happy about their hard work.

Improve Morale
As mentioned above, employees that do not feel recognized for their efforts can quickly grow to resent their superiors. Productivity can slip, ideal targets are not even tried for and people in general become negative at work.
Employee incentive programs provide a more positive environment, where employers are seen as more generous and attentive to their workers??? feelings. This kind of recognition is particularly important when an employee reaches a milestone, such as their fifth consecutive year of employment or their 10,000th sale.

Lower Turnover
The same factors that decrease morale in non-incentivized workplaces can lead employees to search for jobs where they hope to receive more appreciation. Retain top talent and reducing onboarding costs with an incentive program that improves workers??? perception of their employers.

Reduced Commission Costs
Sales commissions are not always the most appropriate way to compensate employees. Notably, low-profit transactions or the fulfillment of typical duties are mostly covered by an employee???s salary. For these types of sales, an incentive reward can prove far more cost-effective than a percentage commission or a set cash bonus. Incentivize sales behavior without having to turn everyone into a commission-based salary position using employee rewards programs.

The Joy of Employee Incentives in the Workplace with Flexible Gift Plans
Employers that want to gain all of the above benefits but with even more flair can sign up for a rewards program that lets the employee choose their corresponding gift. Our Smart Gift Plans are adaptable to your goals and have the added appeal of employee choice. Make your employees happier and show that you care with the amazing gift plans we can offer you
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