Exclusively Online Gift Program

Your recipients receive what they’ve always wanted or needed!

Type of Program

As familiarity with computers and the internet becomes the standard, most companies are moving towards utilizing online reward programs. We are pleased to offer a web-based approach to recognition with the initial purchase of only 20+ award participants. Completely customized, an exclusively online gift program includes a redemption website to allow your recipients to log into their secure personal gift account to select a single item from the gift category you have awarded to them. All edits and updates to the website at any time are complimentary.

How Does It Work?

  • We will build a customized website utilizing your corporate logo, theme, colors and images along with any special messages about your program.
  • We will provide a spreadsheet so you may inform us of the recipient names, email addresses and the gift category awarded to each participant. A complimentary email will inform each recipient of the redemption website link, the recipient’s username and temporary password.
  • The recipient will log into his or her secure personal gift account and is allowed to view and select a gift from the items available in the gift category you have awarded each recipient.
  • The online gift catalog is updated daily to ensure participants can view and select the most up to date gifts as possible.
  • We will monitor recipient accounts and provide program status reports upon request.


Category Point Value
1 $25
2 $35
3 $50
4 $75
5 $100
6 $150
7 $250
8 $350
9 $500
10 $750
11 $1,000
12 $1,500
13 $2,000
14 $3,000
15 $4,000

Do We Sign A Contract?

No contract or maintenance fees! Begin or end your program at any time.

Returns & Exchanges

We offer exchange or replacement within 30 days of delivery. Thereafter, manufacturer warranties apply.

How Do We Purchase?

Contact our office at 1-800-734-5153 so we may begin developing your customized website, typically completed in 7 to 10 business days. No shipping charges for the gifts within 48 contiguous states (Alaska and Hawaii extra.) Nominal handling fee.

We Make it Easy!