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Incentive Gifts and Awards are a great way to keep your employees motivated and focused on their job responsibilities. The primary value of incentive programs is proof of the age old concept: ???putting the carrot in front of the rabbit???. Encouraging your staff to strive toward loftier goals is part of the equation. Producing motivation to improve sales or production is the secondary component by providing the vision of tangible awards as their reward. The result for you and your company will be amazing! While your employees reap earned incentive gifts and awards, the goals set for your program become accomplished amid the fun of gathering as many ???carrots??? as is possible. A lasting effect for your employees will be gained by their increased self-confidence and pride. The lasting effect for your department and company will be providing team building opportunities to satisfy the goals and objectives you???ve set for your program.

Incentive programs run the gamut of providing gift certificates which can be redeemed by the highest producing employees. Or you may pre-select gifts of a high perceived value to award your most productive employees??? the ???winners??? of your program. Our most popular incentive programs are point based, which allow your program participants to reach for the sky as they meet and exceed goals and objectives. Point certificates are awarded to employees as they meet the goals and objectives for your program. ??We have devised a point system geared toward high perceived value rewards set at ?? cent per point. Of course, you are welcome to develop your own point system. It???s up to you. ?? As your employees accumulate points, the award certificates are distributed and your participants may select gifts from a hard copy catalog or our on-line catalog, updated daily. Our points based catalogs display gifts in price categories which range from $25 to $4,000.

A very popular incentive program is our Instant Point Certificate Program which is a “Billed Upon Redemption” point program. Paper certificates purchased at a nominal fee are provided which you distribute to your program participants. Subsequent invoicing occurs after your recipients redeem their point certificates for merchandise.

Smart Gift Plans also offers an Award Bank Program which is point based. It is exclusively on-line and ideally suited for a large base of incentive program participants. An Award Bank Program makes administration quick and easy. Check our Point Programs descriptions to learn more about our options to further enhance your program for optimal results.

  We make it easy to initiate an employee incentive program. Our Smart Gift Plans are flexible and easy to customize regardless of the number of participants. Your employees are sure to find a gift that they want or need from over 800 Brands of quality merchandise (Black & Decker, Trek, Nikon, Magnavox, Geneva, Philips, etc.).

There are no minimums – no contract. Satisfaction is guaranteed. Ask for details.


Call 800-734-5153 so our Smart Gift Plans will work for you to encourage your employees to reach for the sky.



A lasting effect for your employees will be gained by their increased self-confidence and pride.

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