Motivational Gifts Are Proven To Increase Productivity In The Workplace

According to Forbes: “Keeping employees motivated has never been as important as during the current economic downturn. As companies reduce their workforces, employees need to work at optimal levels to ensure increased productivity and profitability. Now more than ever, organizations must be proactive and have the right strategies in place to keep employees motivated.??? (Dianne Durkin, is founder and president of Loyalty Factor, LLC)

  We agree. It???s smart. It???s essential. Reward, Motivate, and Inspire your employees to continually strive toward higher standards of personal and corporate success.???? Keeping employees motivated reinforces the values of your organization, retains valued employees, and fosters pride in your company. Employees who feel their efforts are being recognized with a job well done become more energized. It???s energy that fuels the passion of employees toward optimal efficiency and creativeness. Then they???ll return refreshed tomorrow knowing their contributions are recognized. It???s a win/win for everyone!

Dianne Durkin also reiterates: ???During unsettled times, employees take on additional responsibilities. It???s important for managers to recognize these increased efforts with a simple ???thank you??? or ???great job.??? ??? to acknowledge effort, build loyalty and encourage people to work even harder. (Forbes Magazine)

Smart Gift Plans??? motivational and incentive programs run the gamut of providing gift certificates which can be redeemed by the highest producing employees. Or you may pre-select gifts of a high perceived value to award your most productive employees??? the ???winners??? of your program. Our most popular incentive programs are point based, which allow your program participants to reach for the sky as they meet and exceed goals and objectives. Point certificates are awarded to employees as they meet the goals that have been set by your company. ??As your employees accumulate points, the award certificates are distributed and your participants may select awards from a hard copy catalog or our on-line catalog, updated daily. Ask about our Award Bank Program which is ideal for a large base of incentive program participants and is exclusively on-line based. Our price categories range from $25 to $4,000 from brand names you know and trust including Black & Decker, Trek, Nikon, Magnavox, Geneva, Philips, etc.

  By acknowledging your employee???s contribution to the company???s goals for a job well done, there will follow an increased awareness which effectively adds the spark to motivate. It???s a fact: motivation is the key to increase the passion to excel, to produce results that inspire. Rewarding employees builds pride in tasks completed to above standard level. It???s quite simply??? SMART!

 ??Happy employees are more productive employees which is the #1 key to every business???s success.

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Our programs are the perfect solution for your gift and award recognition needs whether for a one-time event or an on-going incentive program.

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