Specializing in Gift Certificate and Point-Based Incentive Programs

One size doesn???t fit all whether in clothing or gift and award programs.

That???s why we offer Smart Gift Plans for small businesses as well as large corporations with multiple locations.

When you chose Smart Gift Plans for your gift planning services, your gift recipients receive a gift that they want because they???ve chosen it themselves.?? Or you may pre-select gifts for your recipients ??? it???s your choice. We know one program cannot possibly suit all businesses or gift giving occasions. That???s why we offer programs based on gift certificate redemption to point based programs. Traditional catalogs to on-line catalogs. Even exclusively on-line programs that are a cinch to initiate. We also know each gift recipient has specific hobbies and interests, so gifts intended to reward, motivate, and inspire should reflect a wide range of interests and ages.

Smart Gift Plans has assembled an impressive gift selection of brand name merchandise (Black & Decker, Nikon, Magnavox, Philips, etc.) in 15 price categories from $25 to $4,000. Our programs are the perfect solution for your gift and award recognition needs whether for a one-time event or an on-going incentive program.

We will assist you in determining the best program to suit your goals and objectives.

Our programs include: Years of Service, Sales Performance Gifts, Retirement Gifts, Motivational Gifts, Appreciation Gifts, Corporate Holiday Gifts, Customer Loyalty Programs – and the list continues on. We encourage you to consider options (many are free of charge) to further enhance your program. Taking advantage of personalization builds excitement for each recipient, thus improving team and corporate morale. For instance, our Employee Service Anniversary Programs include options ranging from a stock catalog package or deluxe package to a presentation package including custom imprinted booklet covers, an inside cover letter, customized order form, and a personalized Appreciation Certificate. We can even personalize the outside cover of the presentation envelope with each recipient???s name and years of service.

The options continue!

Will you choose to use hard copy stock catalogs which can be custom imprinted on covers? Or will you prefer to utilize our on-line gift catalog which is updated daily? ??Or ask about our FREE customized websites to include your corporate logos, graphics, perhaps a letter from your company President. It???s all up to you!

In tandem with Selective Gift Institute, we have helped businesses like yours extend appreciation to their employees since 1954. We know how to design a program to suit your goals and criteria – and we know how to do it right.

Are there additional options and customization of programs? Absolutely!

Just call 800-734-5153 today and Smart Gift Plans will help you develop a program plus options to show your employees how much they are truly valued.



Our programs are the perfect solution for your gift and award recognition needs whether for a one-time event or an on-going incentive program.


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