Tips for Selecting Retirement Gifts

A retirement celebration is one of the large milestones in a person???s life. ??Planning an event to celebrate employee years of service is a perfect opportunity to express appreciation for each retiree???s loyalty and contributions to your organization. Likewise employees typically reciprocate by expressing their own appreciation to their co-workers and supervisors for furthering their career and aspirations.

With that being said, buying a retirement gift for someone important within your organization can be an arduous task.

Here are tips to selecting retirement gifts:

  1. Do they have any hobbies that you know of? Perhaps they play golf or tennis or love to cook? A gift related to a hobby is a great gift that will be used to have fun.
  2. Are you acquainted with their spouse or good friends? They might lend clues about what gift the retiree might enjoy the most.
  3. Is this retirement a planned one? It???s not unusual that employees are forced to retire for business or medical reasons. So unfortunately, a retirement isn???t always the happy occasion they had anticipated.
  4. Try to avoid gag gifts for a retirement party. What may be intended as a ???fun??? gift may be interpreted as being in bad taste. Be aware that gifts that relate to age or living a leisurely lifestyle may not be well-received.
  5. Are there other staff who would enjoy participating in the retirement celebration? If so, co-workers may enjoy pooling their funds for a group gift toward an expensive item.
  6. Include a handwritten note to further convey your heartfelt acknowledgement of their service to your organization. Or ask fellow co-workers to each sign the card for an added personal remembrance.

Our experienced staff will help you give a retirement gift that will be remembered long after the candles on the retirement cake have been blown out. Smart Gift Plans offers options for retirement gifts whether you select a gift specifically for the retiree or prefer to present an award gift certificate so the retiree has the opportunity to choose a gift for themselves. It???s a great way to ensure the gift will be used and appreciated for years to come rather than sit hidden in a drawer.

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