In the highly competitive job market today, it is imperative that businesses show appreciation to all of their employees at all job position levels. ??Showing appreciation for a job well done or for years of service is a wise marketing strategy in the constant effort to retain valued employees. ??Verbally expressing ???thank-you??? is a common standard – going above and beyond the basic ???thank-you??? with a tangible gift takes the step which will be a constant reminder of your appreciation.

Choosing a gift for an employee can be a difficult task because it???s not unusual to be only casually acquainted with your staff, especially in a larger organization. A group gift such as a tower of cheese and crackers would seem to be a thoughtful gift. However, as one of our clients experienced, their intent went wrongfully awry. The front desk staff quickly squirrelled away the gift goodies, leaving not even a crumb for employees on break or absent for the day. They learned the hard way of the disappointment when presenting a gift which only a select few may enjoy. So why take the risk?

Be smart! Give a gift that each employee will indeed use and enjoy because our Smart Gift Plans allow each staff member to receive a gift they select themselves. Smart Gift Plans offers over 800 name brands (Black & Decker, Trek, Nikon, Magnavox, Geneva, Philips, etc.) in 15 price category levels from $25 to $4,000 for all of your gift-giving needs. ??You select the price category for each recipient and present a gift or award certificate paired with a catalog within that price level. Then they will have the fun of paging through the catalog to select a gift, it???s that simple. Your gift recipients are given the option to select their gift online if they wish. We???ll be glad to include a FREE greeting card to be imprinted with your company logo and sentiment or left blank for a personal handwritten message.

There???s more! We???ll be glad to design a custom website for your company complete with corporate logo. ??Our Smart Gift Plans are sure to please each and every employee – guaranteed. ??Showing appreciation will become fun and exciting for each employee and you???ll never again realize later that a gift was unwanted, unused or even re-gifted. ??When recognizing your employees for their hard work, let Smart Gift Plans help you convey your message with a gift that will be kept and appreciated for years to come.

Contact Smart Gift Plans at 800-734-5153 so you will be thanking your employees with a gift they will love!

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