Employee Recognition is a vital component to the success of your company by acknowledging appreciation to each valued staff member and rewarding a job well done. The modern day work force knows first hand that a good job is hard to find??? and is even harder to keep. ??The Department of Labor research statistics indicate the number of employees who leave their jobs is a staggering 2 million persons a month! The result leaves large gaps which will translate into training yet another new hire and slowing down the completion of corporate goals and objectives.




KEEP??Employee retention is essential to a productive business.

High turnover rates affect the financial bottom line and decreases company morale. It???s effects trickle down the ladder from top management to janitor. Whereas employees who are recognized know they are appreciated. They gain a sense of loyalty and become more invested in performing their job accurately and energetically. An appreciated employee likes his job and strives to attain the goals set for them.

EXCITE – Create a spark of excitement!
Inspiring your employees to reach higher is actually easy to accomplish: just provide an incentive.???? Contests and prizes encourage each employee to go above and beyond the normal scope of their job description to achieve better than average results. ?? Best of all, creating excitement is contagious, it???s the spark that keeps employees focused on their job responsibility, improves team work, and increases morale. Contests and prizes are simply fun. We???ll show you how.

YOU – You are their leader, manager or supervisor.
They follow your lead. You set the standard.?? You are the most important component to recognizing how well your employees are accomplishing their work goals on a daily basis and long term. ?? You should ideally use praise to verbally or via correspondence to acknowledge a job well done. Rewarding staff with a gift further demonstrates your sincere intention to show appreciation and recognize each employee???s contributions.

SUCCESSFULEveryone wants their 15 minutes of fame!
When you recognize successful employees and reward their efforts, there is the added bonus. Their big smiles are contagious, thus encouraging other staff members to achieve their goals so they too can bask in the glow of lime light. ??Employee recognition reaps the biggest reward: retaining successful, happy, goal-oriented employees! Their success translates into a productive, successful business.

Now that you know the KEYS to employee recognition???

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