Years of Service Gift??Certificates

Loyal employees are the heart of every successful business!

Type of Program

Perfect solution for recognizing years of service for your employees.

How Does It Work?

Redemption of gift certificates from our hard copy gift catalog, our generic website or we???ll customize a website including your corporate logo. We offer an impressive selection of merchandise arranged by price category including over 800 name brand items: Black & Decker, Trek, etc. The online gift catalog is updated daily to ensure participants can view and select the most up to date gifts as possible. Our catalogs will not include pricing information for participants to view. Orders may be placed for multiple service awards or on an as-needed basis.

Pre-Select option: Choose a particular gift for your recipient.

What Do We Get?

Choose from Stock, Standard, Deluxe or Online Gift Packages which can include:

  • Gift catalog including the gifts available for the price category you have chosen for each recipient.
  • Custom gift booklet covers can be imprinted with name and years of service.
  • Letter addressed to recipient on inside cover of booklet.
  • Order form imprinted on inside back cover of booklet.
  • Certificate of Appreciation on ivory cardstock.
  • Greeting card imprinted at no charge or left blank for a handwritten note.
  • Presentation envelope and gold seal.
  • We will develop a customized redemption website for programs with 20+ recipients on first order. Or use our generic redemption website.
  • Email notifications and reminders for all recipients in program.


Category Price Level
1 $25
2 $35
3 $50
4 $75
5 $100
6 $150
7 $250
8 $350
9 $500
10 $750
11 $1,000
12 $1,500
13 $2,000
14 $3,000
15 $4,000

Do We Sign A Contract?

No contract or maintenance fees! Begin or end your program at any time.

Returns & Exchanges

We offer exchange or replacement within 30 days of delivery. Thereafter, manufacturer warranties apply.

How Do We Purchase?

Contact our office at 1-800-734-5153 so we may assist you to develop your program. No shipping charges within the 48 contiguous states (Alaska and Hawaii extra). Nominal handling fee.

We Make it Easy!